Case Study #1: Using Journals to Tell a Story

A new convention venue opened up and the company wanted to be able to give something away to celebrate the grand opening but they wanted it to be something that people would use while they were there checking it out as well as something they would use after the opening event. Journals are a great way of telling a story and also being something really useful for recipients. We imprinted the venue’s logo on the cover of the journal and then added insert pages at the front including a map of the facility and a directory of contacts. This was...
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Overseas vs. Domestic Production

Ordering promotional products are often left to the last minute but with proper planning you can take your branded merchandise from a basic one location imprint to something people will be talking about long after they receive it. While domestic orders only take 7 to 10...
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Branding Merch is a personal experience

Branding Merch is a personal experience. We treat every brand, every logo, every customer as their own. Did you know that your brand is easily remembered through corporate gifts with logos? This is why it’s important to partner with a company like Drive Marketing Group,...
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Decoration Deep Dive – Laser engraving and Debossing

You’ve heard this story before. Our hero is captured by the villain and wakes up strapped to a large metal board with a scary looking machine pointed right at them. The Villian monologues for a few minutes while the hero secretly works to escape this contraption they’ve...
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Promo Stats

Did you know… —>Almost 9 out of 10 people can recall the company that gave them branded promotional products? —> The biggest reason consumers decline to keep a promotional product is because they have no use for it.  —> When given branded promotional...
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Appreciation Days

Nowadays it seems like there’s a day for everything.  From National Pizza Day to Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day (yes, that’s really a thing) there’s always something to celebrate.  While most people don’t participate in some of the more obscure days, there are...
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Drop Shipping/Kitting

By now we’re all aware that for many people working from home is the new normal. With technology allowing employees to work remotely, many companies have a team that’s spread around the country or even the world. Along with that, many in-person events for both work and...
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