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7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying Branded Merch

When you’re in the market for branded merch, whether to promote your business, reward employees with a gift, or grab attention with giveaways at an event, there are some important factors you should be considering. The following questions will help you make a decision about what best fits your needs while getting the most bang for your buck.

1. Who is my target/audience?

Think about who will actually be receiving your product. Don’t choose something just because YOU like it – think about what your audience likes as well. Is this branded merch something that they’ll actually want to use/display? When spending money on promotional products, the last thing you want is for the people receiving the items to put them away somewhere and never think about them again. You want that product actively being used so that your company or project becomes a part of their daily lives.
You’ll also want to consider the level of involvement you have with your target audience for this product. For example, if you’re doing trade-show giveaways to anyone who stops by your booth, you’ll want to choose a more general item that can appeal to just about anyone. On the other hand if you’re doing gifts for your employees, a product more tailored to their likes and needs shows that thoughtful consideration was put into what they’re receiving, making it more appreciated by all.

2. What is my goal?

Every purchase of branded merchandise has a purpose. Think about what your main purpose is with this project so that you can select just the right product to achieve that goal.
Some examples of goals for promotional products include:

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Rewarding employees
  • Thanking customers/donors
  • Attracting visitors to store/booth/etc.

3. What is my budget?

The world of promotional products has something to fit every possible budget, whether it’s small, large, flexible or firm. So think about what you can spend on your project. Are you limited to a certain dollar amount per piece/person? Do you have any flexibility with the numbers? Don’t forget to think about smaller details, like shipping charges for example, that can also add to your overall costs. Once you’ve considered all factors of your budget, we can work to find something that’s just right. You don’t have to break the bank to get your hands on successful promotional items, but you also don’t have to settle for ordinary when you want something that stands out from the crowd.

4. What quantity will I need?

This might seem like a simple question, but for some it can be a little difficult. Here are some things you should consider when deciding how many items to order:

  • Some products have minimum quantities you can order. For example, you may not want to choose an item that has a minimum of 144 if you only need 15 pieces.
  • Be sure to account for loss. You may lose some product to employees/customers/attendees who don’t follow the honor system and take more than the intended allotment. If you’re ordering for a specific event and know the estimated number of attendees, be sure to order a few more than needed.
  • Don’t go overboard. If you order too many pieces, you could end up with a bunch of product that you can’t sell or give away.

5. Will this item represent my company?

Every company has an image they want to portray. Maybe yours is traditional and professional. Maybe it’s more creative and eccentric. Or is it eco-friendly and green? Whatever the vibe or tone you want to get across, your promotional products can represent that same style and help create a consistent message about your company.

You also have the option of getting industry specific with your choice. There are many products that are designed for certain audiences, such as healthcare, education, technology and more.

6. What specifics should I consider about my item?

  • With as many items as there are to choose from, you can be as general or as specific as you like. Some things to think about are:
  • Does this item come in my brand colors?
  • Is the imprint area big enough for my logo?
  • What imprint methods can I do and how will it affect my logo?
  • Is the material at the quality level I need?

7. What’s my turnaround time?

The amount of time you have to get your product can vary greatly with each project. Do you have an event date? If so, please be sure to let us know so that we can ensure you have enough time to get the product of your choice. Don’t forget to factor in shipping time as well. No matter the timeframe, there are still options for every project. Most items can be done in about 5-10 business days after proof approval, while there are some options that can ship out in 24 hours, and then completely custom pieces that may have 90+ day lead times.

A lot to consider, right? If this seems overwhelming to you, don’t worry – that’s why we’re here! We live and breathe branded merch, so we can work with you on the questions outlined above to come up with the perfect product that fits your needs and leaves a memorable impression.

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