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Drive custom branded merchandiseDrive custom branded merchandise

Branding Merch is a personal experience

Branding Merch is a personal experience. We treat every brand, every logo, every customer as their own.

Did you know that your brand is easily remembered through corporate gifts with logos? This is why it’s important to partner with a company like Drive Marketing Group, that can be an ambassador for your brand and make sure a design like the Starbuck example doesn’t happen to you!

We first start with your target audience then evaluate your logo. If your logo is red, selecting a journal or pen with a matching red accent or a polo with a matching stripe can rally enhance your logo and boost your brand.

On certain products, your logo may be covered or partially shown. It may make more sense to decorate front and back on a bottles vs. full wrap so your logo is always exposed. If a portion of your logo is covered by an elastic band on a notebook, this can alter your entire message.

Have you ever seen a circular left chest logo on a polo? This is sure to catch an eye but not for your best interest.

A large stitch count can ruin your logo – we work with our trusted decorators to help create the best look for your embroidered logo or switch to a different method to best suit your design.

All YOU need to do it provide us your logo and target audience and we’ll come up with items that work best with your brand to make your logo pop.

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