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Case Study: Sustainable Products for World Energy

World Energy is one of the world’s first biofuel producers and distributors, developing low-carbon fuel solutions that have helped business leaders decarbonize their fleets for over 20 years. Their mission is to get to net zero emissions, which is a balance between greenhouse gas produced and the amount removed from the atmosphere. 

It was time for a re-brand that would better represent who World Energy is as an organization, with bright, positive, crisp colors representing a brighter future on their journey to net-zero. 

To help support the re-brand launch, they partnered with us at DRIVe to create kits for their employees and partners, showcasing the new brand design through thoughtfully curated, sustainable merchandise. 

We wanted the kits to include meaningful items that recipients would hang onto & use while also providing a constant reminder of the “why” behind the net-zero goal. One of the ways we achieved this was by designing a word collage incorporating key phrases and words from their Guiding Principles. This word collage was printed on the bottles as a full-wrap design, with the new colorful World Energy logo front and center, surrounded by the words that make the organization who they are today.

For the grouping of employees that are generally office-based, we included acrylic blocks outlining the Guiding Principles. For the employees that work in the plant and are not regularly at a desk, we swapped the acrylic blocks for “Guiding Principles” cooling towels that would be much for functional for their daily environment. 

We were also able to source sustainable cutlery sets, new badge reels, and safety badge cards so that they would immediately be able to put the new branding to use. 

To bring the project all together, we designed custom boxes and included recycled crinkle-cut paper that matched the new World Energy colors.

Article published: Source: World Energy
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